1/1s in every format!

Julian has been known to have soft spot for weak little creatures he likes to combine into an unstoppable katamari damacy of doom. Who said you couldn’t do the same in Vintage? In line with his natural affinity for 1/1s, he summons an army of Myrs, Beasts and Constructs! While we are not exactly sure how he arrived at the conclusion to cast FROGMITE in a field full of the most powerful cards in the history of the game, we surely can’t argue with the results!

Vintage Daily Event:

R1: Workshop Affinity vs RUG Delver #1
R2: Workshop Affinity vs Oath #3
R3: Workshop Affinity vs UWr Mentor #2
R4: Workshop Affinity vs UWr Mentor #3 

That’s it for today! Because of the scheduled downtime on Wednesday, there will be no stream tonight. Tune in again on twitch.tv/itsJulian tomorrow at 11pm for some more sweet Legacy action! For you Vintage lovers out there, Julian will pick up streaming Vintage regularly starting with Friday, 3rd April at 7:30pm!

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