15 new VODs: Legacy, Modern, Cube & Mario Kart 64

Here’s what you’ve been longing for! 15 new VODs of all of our on-stream matches from the last 2 weeks. This includes 8 new VODs of Julian piloting Elves vs various Legacy decks, as well as our first steps into Modern with Scapeshift. Wanna check our progress in Mario Kart 64 thus far? Watch us on our way through the 100cc Star Cup with everyone’s favorite car-racing dinosaur.

Bonus: Check out Julian’s Cube Draft featuring several Elves, big mana and MVP Garruk, Apex Predator!


Elves vs Dredge #4
Elves vs Infect #2
Elves vs Jeskai Ascendancy #1 (vs Sam Pardee; also covered from his side at Channel Fireball)
Elves vs UR Delver #1
Elves vs GWb Maverick #1
Elves vs BG Reanimator #1
Elves vs Belcher #1


Scapeshift vs Zoo #1
Scapeshift vs Bgr Mono Black #1
Scapeshift vs UW Aggro #1
Scapeshift vs Soul Sisters #1


Cube Draft — BIG MANA with Garruk Apex Predator (feat. a cameo appearance by Jace, the Mindsculptor)

Mario Kart 64:

100cc Star Cup (1st Dec 2014)


Thanks for watching and let us know which matches you liked the best!

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