Elves vs Delvers & The New Daily Event Schedule

We’re back with a stunning SIX new Daily Events full of glimpsing, ordering and reckless Insect beats! Check out Julian’s matches against a field full of a wide variety of decks flavour of the month Grixis Midrange. Looking for some hot new t3ch?

In an effort to break free from Delver’s reign of terror, Julian fields his latest creation into a 2man. Not exactly facing the kind of deck he’s looking for, will our hero be able to defeat the infamous Tendrils of Agony with a creature he doesn’t need — but deserves?

On a more serious, just this week Wizard of the Coast’s new Digital Product Manager Lee Sharpe (@mtg_lee) to adjust the Daily Event schedule. As a result, all Europeans with a daytime job are left without any weekday Legacy to stream. From what I heard the same is said to be true for US East Coasters. This means that until further adjustment by WotC, there will unfortunately be no more weekday streams by Julian. To give you an idea HOW bad the new schedule is for Europeans, Julian put together how it looks in European Central Time.


If you think this sucks just as much as we do, please voice your opinion via Twitter to @mtg_lee and @MagicOnline as well as magiconlinefeedback@wizards.com. After all Lee seems like a reasonable guy open to critique, so this is your opportunity to stand up for something you love — no matter whether it’s Legacy in general or a silly German turning Elves sideways in particular. Thank you!

But without further ado, here’s what we’re all here for! Have fun! 🙂


Other Matches:
Elves vs Zombardment #2
Giant Spider vs ANT #1

Daily Event #1
R1: Elves vs Reanimator #9
R2: Elves vs Grixis Midrange #1
R3: Elves vs 12 Post #1
R4: Elves vs UWr Stoneblade #5

Daily Event #2
R1: Elves vs Esperblade #5
R2: Elves vs Burn #5
R3: Elves vs Grixis Midrange #2
R4: Elves vs Sylvan Plug #2

Daily Event #3
R1: Elves vs OmniTell #3
R2: Elves vs Grixis Delver #4
R3: Elves vs UWr Stoneblade #6

Daily Event #4
R1: Elves vs 4c Delver #3
R2: Elves vs Esperblade #6
R3: Elves vs Grixis Midrange #3
R4: Elves vs Grixis Delver #5

Daily Event #5
R1: Elves vs Grixis Delver #6
R2: Elves vs RG Lands #1 (Michael Bonde, @Lampalot)
R3: Elves vs BUG Delver 7
R4: Elves vs Grixis Midrange #4

Daily Event #6
R1: Elves vs UWr Stoneblade #7
R2: Elves vs Elves #9
R3: Elves vs Burn #6
R4: Elves vs BUG Delver #8

Momir Basic & Mojhosto:

Momir Basic #6
Mojhosto #1 (a combined Momir, Jhoira and Stoneforger Giant format)
Mojhosto #2

That’s it for now! Make sure to check twitch.tv/itsJulian for more Legacy action if the schedule allows for it again and make sure to send your tweets and emails in to @mtg_lee and @MagicOnline as well as magiconlinefeedback@wizards.com. #YesWeCan

What do you think? Comment below.