About me

Julian in Mombasa, Jan 2013

Hey, it’s Julian! You will mostly see me streaming competitive Legacy and some Vintage/Modern on Magic Online. As a dedicated fan of retrogaming I like filling the gaps between rounds with the various SNES classic such as Mario Kart.I have completed my Master of Governance & Public Policy with heavy focus on hacktivism and information security. Righ now I am working for a hotel on the north coast of Kenya. You tell me how that actually makes sense. If you wanna talk about this beautiful country on the Indian Ocean, I’d be happy to talk about the life, the universe and everything in Kenya!

Team EuroSwag

Team EuroSwag is a community of awesome friends & players who met each other through various tournaments all around the continent. In 2014 we went on a 2-week-long raid along the US East coast all the way from New York to Richmond, not only doing really well in tournaments, but also having one of the greatest times of my life. Never only just a Magic team (“més que un club”), to me EuroSwag has always been about the players and their friends from 10+ countries all around the world. If you’re a EuroSwagger, no matter whether you wake up in Vancouver, Berlin or Tokyo, chances are you you’ve got a friend in town!

MTG Madness

I’m a member of MTG Madness, one of the most badass crews in the recent history of the game. Not only assembling an impressive number of some of the finest people in the game, we are all about the community! MTG Madness has taken competitive Magic to the next level, combining a hard-working approach to the game with wild partying and the kind of GP coverage you asked for!

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/Update: MTG Madness as a team doesn’t exist anymore, but I’m leaving this here as a reminder of the great times I’ve had with the team!