All Hail the BUG Fish!

Gamewin% wise, Vintage has been Julian’s most successful format in 2014 even though he admits to not really knowing what exactly he is trying to do there. But how could one go wrong with a deck with 5 Elves in it? Tune in to first see him field a list he’s had less experience with before readjusting and playing some more games with the list he used to go to the finals of last year’s Prague Eternal Vintage Main Event.

Vintage Daily Event:

R1: BUG Fish vs BUG Fish #1
R2: BUG Fish vs UWr Stoneblade #1
R3: BUG Fish vs Dredge #1

Other Vintage Matches:

BUG Fish vs Gush Storm #1
BUG Fish vs Oath #1
BUG Fish vs UWr Stoneblade #2
BUG Fish vs UWr Stoneblade #3
BUG Fish vs Gush Storm #2


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