Dominaria calling!

Today’s videos take you straight into the heart of Dominaria! Watch Julian draft one of his favorite archetypes of Urza’s Saga block draft and discover how a seemingly innocent common such as Field Surgeon can dominate an entire game. If you like boards with 10+ creatures, big Wurms and control decks with Thran Foundry for the mirror — these drafts are for you!
For Legacy, we bring you two very different Elves vs Esper Stoneblade matches. Do you remember when you saw Lingering Souls last time? In Modern, the dreaded Amulet of Vigor combo deck recently hit the spotlight with Piotr Glogowski’s Top8 finish at GP Milan. Known for its degenerated starts, does Julian’s Scapeshift stand a chance against one of the most explosive decks in the Modern format?


8-4 Urza’s Saga Block Draft #2 with Jullian (29th December 2014)
8-4 Urza’s Saga Block Draft #3 with Julian (29th December 2014)


Elves vs Esper Stoneblade #3
Elves vs Esper Stoneblade #4
Elves vs Infect #3
Elves vs Elves #4


Scapeshift vs Amulet Combo #1

We hope you enjoy today’s content. Both Saga drafts, but especially the #2 one highlight the kind of deck Julian would like to draft whenever opening packs in the Urza Block. For everyone looking to get his/her Legacy fix before heading out to party with your friends, Julian will stream the 4pm (GMT+1) Legacy Daily Event with Elves.

The team of wishes all of you a Happy New Year 2015!

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