Drafting Urza’s Saga with Julian!

Get ready for today’s blast from the past where Julian shows you how to navigate your way through one of his favorite draft formats. With probably more than 50+ triple Urza’s Saga drafts (someone’s gotta open those Show and Tells for you), he takes on the newly re-released 8-4 Urza Block drafts during the holiday season. Get yourself ready for this winter’s exciting story of questionable picks, even more questionable plays — and one Hydra to rule them all.


8-4 Urza’s Saga Block Draft with Julian


Elves vs TES #1
Elves vs GWb Maverick #2
Elves vs UR Delver #3
Elves vs UR Delver #4


Scapeshift vs RG Tron

Mario Kart 64:

100cc Special Cup with Yoshi

That’s all for today. We all wish you an awesome Christmas time with your family and/or loved ones. Get some rest, enjoy your days off and get ready for the upcoming Banned & Restricted announcement.

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