Elves vs CounterTop Stoneblade, D&T and more

Today we watch Julian take on two of the new kids on the block in Jeskai Ascendancy and a variation of Ben Friedman’s CounterTop Stoneblade list. On top of that we bring your our first video of the infamous Elves vs Death & Taxes matchup.

For Modern we continue our mystical journey into still undiscovered terriority. Before leaving Munich to place 10th out of 180 people in the #GermanMagic PPTQ with Scapeshift this weekend, Julian got in some (desperately needed) reps on Magic Online. Watch his last hours of prepartions during his matches against UWr Delver and Mono Blue Tron.


Elves vs Death & Taxes #1
Elves vs CounterTop Stoneblade #1 (similar to Ben Friedman’s list)
Elves vs Jeskai Ascendancy #2


Scapeshift vs Mono Blue Tron
Scapeshift vs UWr Delver

Mario Kart 64:

100cc Star Cup with Yoshi

That’s all for today. Stay tuned for the upcoming Urza’s Saga Draft on twitch.tv/itsJulian following our stream of the 8pm (GMT+1) Legacy Daily Event with #MarshCasualtiesElves. For a short preview of what the card likes to do, check out Julian’s latest Twitter feed (@itsJulian23) or see for yourself:

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