Everyday Eternal #11: Listener Feedback Part 1

In episode eleven of #EverydayEternal, Sean O’Brien (nedleeds), Matt Pavlic (sdematt) and Sam Craven (@TheCravenOne on Twitter) respond to listener feedback. We start by exploring our Johnny side, and discussing how we prefer to play. We move on to Deathrite Shaman and whether he’s bannable. This paves the way to questioning what makes a card bannable, and some thoughts on cards that could be unbanned.

For the last half of the cast, the guys discuss deckbuilding. There’s a little bit of complaining about netdecking, but the focus is on how to build it your own way. This includes ten minutes of brewing the next generation of Esper Stoneblade from scratch.

Special thanks to Chad M, SitharthanS, Adrian K, and Martin N for their feedback which got this episode started.

Here’s the timestamped table of contents for your listening ease and enjoyment:
0:00:23 What is your favorite Johnny deck?
0:09:04 Will Deathrite Shaman be banned?
0:15:23 What makes a card bannable?
0:23:15 Cards that could be unbanned: Earthcraft, Mind Twist, and Mind’s Desire
0:32:47 Logistical problems with Banning cards
0:37:46 Deck building
0:49:08 Brewing Esper Stoneblade
1:02:28 Wrap up
Total runtime: 1:03:40

This podcast was originally hosted on eternalcentral.com. Thanks a lot to them, and especially JACO with their help in preserving these earlier episiodes! I am reuploading them to itsJulian.com to keep them available to the world for everyone looking to delve deep into the history of one of Eternal’s oldest podcasts.

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