Everyday Eternal #23: Deck Changes in a Slow Moving Metagame

 In a rambling episode 23 of #EverydayEternal, Matt and Julian Knab (@itsJulian23 on Twitter) discuss recent changes to several decks. Julian provides some insight into his unusual choices in Elves, and we analyze some of the changes that are becoming more popular lately. To cap it off, Julian and Matt field a community building question about getting people into playing with real cards.
0:00:00 Julian’s latest updates to Elves
0:03:11 Sideboard changes: Bitterblossom, Meekstone, Sylvan Library, Surgical Extraction, Choke
0:12:08 This deck’s worst match ups: Reanimator, Storm, Sneak and Show
0:23:45 Recent interesting decks: 2 RW Painter, Dead Guy Ale in Knoxville. Koby 15th with Dark Maverick in Sommerset
0:28:50 12 post in Sommerset; poised to become a deck to beat?
0:36:02 New wrinkles in Merfolk: Cosi’s Trickster, dropping Wastelands, Chalice of the Void
0:41:18 Back to Basics
0:47:40 Canadian Thresh to rise again?
0:57:04 Xenagos, the Reveler in Elves
1:02:10 Matt thinks Zoo is coming back (LAWL!)
1:09:14 Community building: How to wean off proxies
1:22:44 Outro

This podcast was originally hosted on eternalcentral.com. Thanks a lot to them, and especially JACO with their help in preserving these earlier episiodes! I am reuploading them to itsJulian.com to keep them available to the world for everyone looking to delve deep into the history of one of Eternal’s oldest podcasts.

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