Everyday Eternal #24: Conspiracy Theories

 In episode 24 of #EverydayEternal, Matt (sdematt), Sam (@thecravenone), Sean (nedleeds), and Julian Knab (@itsJulian23) discuss possible eternal-playable cards from the new set, Conspiracy. A few cards from M15 have been spoiled, so we discuss those as well.
0:01:26 Council’s Judgment
0:10:00 Marchesa’s Infiltrator
0:13:37 Plea for Power
0:19:09 Treasonous Ogre
0:21:28 Brago, King Eternal
0:24:25 Dack Fayden
0:29:33 Dack’s Duplicate
0:31:31 Grenzo, Dungeon Warden
0:38:05 Magister of Worth
0:42:19 Coercive Portal
0:49:40 Waste Not
1:09:30 Ulcerate
1:12:05 Military Inteligence
1:14:27 Reclamation Sage
1:17:47 Plays of the Week
1:30:17 Outro

This podcast was originally hosted on eternalcentral.com. Thanks a lot to them, and especially JACO with their help in preserving these earlier episiodes! I am reuploading them to itsJulian.com to keep them available to the world for everyone looking to delve deep into the history of one of Eternal’s oldest podcasts.

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