Everyday Eternal #31: Ovino Stories & Eternal Weekend Preview

In episode 31 of #EverydayEternal, Julian (@itsJulian23) regales Sam (@thecravenone), Matt (@SDE_Matt), and Sean (nedleeds) with tales from this year’s Ovinogeddon. Later, Sean and Sam talk expectations for Vintage at Eternal Weekend 2014.

0:00:28 Problems at Ovinogeddon
0:11:48 Current dominance of Miracles
0:15:05 Funny stories from Ovinogeddon
0:41:13 Eternal Weekend Vintage Preview
0:44:16 What’s in Sean’s gauntlet
0:52:02 Influence of MTGO on the metagame
0:53:21 Workshops’ Problems: BUG and Young Pyromancer
0:59:42 Expectations for best performances at Eternal Weekend: Dredge a surprise contender, Oath falls flat?
1:04:59 LCV results
1:08:33 Announcements and outro

This podcast was originally hosted on eternalcentral.com. Thanks a lot to them, and especially JACO with their help in preserving these earlier episiodes! I am reuploading them to itsJulian.com to keep them available to the world for everyone looking to delve deep into the history of one of Eternal’s oldest podcasts.

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