Everyday Eternal #32: Preparing for GP New Jersey

With Grand Prix: New Jersey on the horizon, episode 32 of #EverydayEternal finds Sam Craven (@thecravenone) and Matt Pavlic (@SDE_Matt) discussing the top Legacy decks from both Legacy Champs and the StarCityGames Legacy Open in Minneapolis. Included in the conversation is how to handle these decks, what metagame changes these decks could bring, and how to deal with those change.

0:00 Intro, and the top decks from Eternal Weekend
0:02:30 UR Delver is really coming into its own
0:05:59 UB Tezzerator
0:11:30 Jund
0:21:00 Surprises in the Top 32: Increased presence of combo, strength of Tabernacle, and fewer StoneBlade decks than expected
0:30:32 Dimir Charm in UBx decks
0:33:55 Punishing Maverick with Domri Rade and Voice of Resurgence
0:39:48 Common themes and how to fight them: low toughness, high converted mana costs on key cards, and greedy manabases
0:47:46 SCG: Minneapolis full of interesting decks, and Slivers
0:54:27 UR Painter and “Rest in Pieces”
1:00:52 Dragon Stompy
1:05:34 Plays of the week
1:09:01 GP: New Jersey information and outro

Show Notes

Legacy Champs Top 32 Decks
StarCityGames Legacy Open Minneapolis Top 16 Decks

Matt’s suggested lists for GP New Jersey:

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