Everyday Eternal #37: Talking Miracles

In Episode 37 of Everyday Eternal, Matt, Sam, and Julian are joined by Prague Eternal runner-up Tomáš Vlček and two-time legacy grand prix top 8-er Philipp Schönegger to discuss the deck that brought them their wins: Miracles.

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Time stamps:
2:27 – History: CounterTop Thresh / CounterTop Goyf
4:39 – History: CounterTop Thopters
7:57 – History: May 2012: The Miracles are printed
18:20 – What colors to play: Is UW enough?
21:49 – Current builds: Stoneblade, Legends, Ponder
30:09 – Would you play Counterbalancewith no Miracles?
32:34 – Would you play Miracles with no Counterbalance?
34:24 – Should Sensei’s Divining Top be banned?
43:09 – Miracles deck construction
50:39Dig Through Time
53:25 – Landbase
1:02:03 – Matchups: The Mirror
1:16:33 – Matchups: Death and Taxes
1:25:30 – Matchups: OmniTell
1:35:40 – Matchups: RUG Delver / Canadian Threshold
1:42:22 – BGx / Abrupt Decay Decks
1:48:29 – Outro

Today’s music is Battle (Boss) by BoxCat Games and was acquired via the Free Music Archive. Check out BoxCat Games on their website or on the iTunes app store.

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