Everyday Eternal #4: Community Building

In episode four of #EverydayEternal, Matt Pavlic (sdematt), Jacob Kory (@MTGKoby on Twitter), Sean O’Brien (nedleeds), and Sam Craven (@TheCravenOne on Twitter) discuss the Legacy community as a whole and what can be done to help foster and grow that community. Returning to a previous topic, we discuss more ways to punish the metagame; this time, discussing cards we think are underplayed in the meta.

Here’s the timestamped table of contents for your listening ease and enjoyment:
00:00:54 : Recent tournament results
00:04:06 : Community Building
00:27:22 : Underplayed cards that punish the metagame
00:47:14 : Deck pimping
01:01:28 : Outro
01:03:05 : Sean sings
Total runtime: 1:03:44

This podcast was originally hosted on eternalcentral.com. Thanks a lot to them, and especially JACO with their help in preserving these earlier episiodes! I am reuploading them to itsJulian.com to keep them available to the world for everyone looking to delve deep into the history of one of Eternal’s oldest podcasts.



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