Everyday Eternal #41: GP Seattle Prep

Weekend before last, we had a smattering of large legacy tournaments. With GP Seattle coming up this weekend, Sam Craven, Bob Huang, and Matt Pavlic analyze these results and make some predictions about what players should expect to see at the Grand Prix.

Time stamps:
0:34 The results!
3:12 Banning Dig Through Time seems to have resulted in increased deck diversity
8:43 What we expect to see in Seattle
12:39 Question from @cchauvet: What deck are you playing?
21:33 Question from @cchauvet: What’s the one sideboard card you have to bring to Seattle?
25:24 Question from Sean: Would you bring in Surgical Extraction against a Miracles deck that’s playing Snapcaster Mage?
28:54 Question from Sean: Would you rather have Pithing Needle or Null Rod in your sideboard?
31:11 Question from @Heads_O_R_Tails: Do we expect to see an up-tick in RUG Delver?
34:32 Question from @r4wk5t4r: How will the regional metagame affect the meta in Seattle?
38:17 Question from @JPLVector: Is OmniTell still tier 1?
38:49 Question from @thisisallcrazy: How prevalent will lands be? Is it tier 1?

GP Seattle Fact Sheet from WotC
Grand Prix Seattle-Tacoma official website
SCG St. Louis Decklists
BIGMAGIC Legacy Decklists
MKM Prague Legacy Decklists

Today’s music is So Easy by Jazzer and was acquired via the Free Music Archive. Check out Jazzer on BandCamp.

The photo of The Space Needle used in the above image was taken by WikiMedia Commons member Wknight94.

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