Everyday Eternal Episode 30

In episode 30 of #EverydayEternal Matt Pavlic (sdematt) talks with Bob Huang (@silyaznfoo) about Bob’s recent win at the StarCityGames Legacy Open in New Jersey with a UR Delver deck packed with Kahns of Tarkir cards, and how very wrong the ‘cast was in its initial evaluation of those cards. Sean O’Brien (nedleeds) also briefly joins in towards the end to talk a bit of Vintage. This will be followed up with a preview of Eternal Weekend coming soon!

0:00:49 Bob Huang: First place at #SCGNJ with UR Delver with Treasure Cruise and Monastery Swiftspear
0:07:42 Combating Treasure Cruise
0:11:08 Treasure Cruise and Dig through Time in non-Delver decks
0:15:55 How does this affect non-blue decks?
0:23:55 A bit more on attacking Treasure Cruise – This is not the next Mental Misstep!
0:30:25 New deck naming conventions
0:36:33 What cards are deprecated by these delve-based cards?
0:42:07 Less played decks that become better
0:48:33 Why Matt loves Gaddock Teeg
0:54:15 Vintage, and what Sean is going to play at Vintage Champs
0:57:35 Matt started playing Power
1:02:40 Terranova vs. other Workshop decks
1:04:25 Short Metagame preview for Vintage Champs
1:07:35 Wrap up
Total runtime: 1:12:26

The Most Dangerous Cards in Khans of Tarkir, by Carsten Kotter
Vintage Super League Round 6 Steve Menendian vs. Luis Scott-Vargas

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