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What is Everyday Eternal?

For those unfamiliar with Everyday Eternal, it is one of the oldest Magic podcasts focussed on competitive Legacy (and we like to claim: sometimes also Vintage.) Together with our hosts Bob Huang, Matt Pavlic, Julian Knab, and their funky guests, we’re bringing you the latest news and technology from the world of Eternal Magic.

God, could our podcast description BE any more generic? Can someone please rewrite this? Bob, Matt, anyone? Seriously though, rebooting this podcast has been something I’ve wanted to do for a long while now and I’m super happy to today present you the new Everday Eternal! A big THANK YOU goes out to all the people on Patreon who earlier this year met the incentive to regroup and produce this! Your support there really does mean the world to me and I’m thankful for everything you guys & girls have done for me this year!

Note that episodes #36 – #44 are currently in the iTunes feed, but their audio is not available. We’re working on retriving and reuploading those files.

Your Hosts

Everyday Eternal was originally founded in 2013 by Matt Pavlic, Jacob “Koby” Kory, Sam Craven and Sean O’Brien, later joined by Julian Knab and Bob Huang. With Koby becoming more involved in the L.A. real estate market, Sam finding oil in Texas and Sean starting his own anti-Brainstorm support group podcast, the podcast is currently hosted by Matt, Julian and Bob.

Matt Pavlic


Matt “sdematt” Pavlic is one of the most oldschool pillars of the Legacy format, which he has been involved with ever since its creation. Hailing from the shores of Vancouver, B.C., he has participated in Magic tournaments all around the world and allegedly holds the world record for most activations of Recurring Nightmare in the history of the card. He is also well-known as a connoisseurs of fine mint Beta cards, with the potentially only thing more famous than him being the ziplock bag he once used to store an entire set in a local bank vault. If you ever bought Beta duals west of the Mississippi, chances are Matt was involved in one way or another.

Originally just a grinder & collector, Matt soon became involved in content creation as one of the hosts of the Everyday Eternal podcast, and also started organizing tournaments in both Canada and the US. With more and more private duties eating into his schedule these days, he has transformed into a less publicly visible persona of Legacy, acting as one of the background forces of many projects you probably didn’t even know he was involved in.

— Julian Knab


Julian Knab

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Since his 2013 Bazaar of Moxen Legacy main event win put him on the radar, Julian has risen to the challenge of becoming a Legacy master. Committing to this goal, he has traveled far and wide, from New York to Warsaw, competing for titles and trophies alike while making friends along the way.

Julian came a bit short of his goal, however, and began seeking the mediocrity of winning Legacy side events, taking 1st place at GP Paris, Barcelona, and Vienna in 2013. After his 4th place finish in the Legacy side event of GP Lille 2015, he believed himself able to put up results in main events instead; he now boasts 14 18 x-2’s, missing top 8 by a single point in Legacy tournaments across Europe (primarily on the BoM and MKM series).

Julian is known for offering guerilla coverage of European GPs, and as a former Magic streamer, keeping twitch (and Kenya) free from Ebola. In his spare time, he enjoys retro gaming, racing quadricopters, and watching his favorite football club, Real Madrid. (Julian’s note: WTF?!)

— Mike Danielson


Bob Huang

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Legend has it the fabled 2015 Eternal Weekend Legacy Champion Bob “Katana Bob” Huang mastered the art of delving secrets while meditating under the hidden waterfalls of the Sahara Desert. It was here that Richard Garfield himself knighted Bob as the “Inventor of Legacy”. The next weekend Bob returned home to the States and obliterated the SCG NJ Legacy Open with his 4 Treasure Cruises and Taylor Swiftspears.

But Bob is more than a LV999 mage. In his spare time, you might find him bird watching or painting stills of his balcony hibiscus garden. Katana Bob also dabbles in philosophy and statistics, which he often applies in his studies of Magic. You can find his quality publications (and bed hair mug shot) analyzing the Legacy format on ChannelFireball.com, though nobody has seen Bob actually write them.

Things you should know about Bob:
• Bob never mulligans.
• Bob NEVER mulligans.
• Bob’s favorite card is Sensei’s Divining Top. Least favorite card? Hymn to Tourach.
• Bob once played Joe Cool and won a game. Just kidding, but he came close. Just kidding again, it wasn’t close at all. But Bob did finish in the top 16 of both GP NJ and GP DC!

— Anuraag Das

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