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We all know you LOVE Legacy — now you can show your dedication to one of Magic’s most exciting formats for all the world to see. Let everyone know that you are a proud supporter of the LEGACY PREMIER LEAGUE, the format’s premier online gaming league! On top of the immeasurable fashion bonus provided by this piece of Legacy history, the shirt comes with several valuable stats:  20 Armor Points
+7 in Topdecking Skills
+25% Salt Resistance
+10% Tiebreakers
+5% Coinflipping Skills
Binds on-equip

Profits will be allocated to covering Mike’s & Julian’s cost for running the Legacy Premier League as well as making future seasons possible. Thanks a ton for supporting us!

Men’s 2017 Edition

  • Men's 2017 Edition - Phyrexian Black

Women’s 2017 Edition

  • Women's 2017 Edition - Pretty Pink

Men’s 2017 Alternate Edition

  • Men's 2017 Alternate Edition - Phyrexian Black

Women’s 2017 Alternate Edition

  • Women's 2017 Alternate Edition - Pretty Pink

The official LPL 2017 Sticker
(-33% decklist errors)


All your orders will be processed through our campaign on Disregard their countdown as we have set the campaign to auto-renew every time.

Thanks a lot for supporting Legacy, the LPL and everyone involved in this project!