Get that Monkey out of here! Elves is back!

With Elves back on the menu, Julian jumps right into the very next Daily Event following Monday’s B&R announcement. Even though Treasure Cruise remains legal on Magic Online until January 28th that’s no reason to have a little bit of funny in a zombie format caught up between two different metagames.


Daily Event 22nd January 2015:
R1: Elves vs UWr Delver #6
R2: Elves vs Grixis Delver #1
R3: Elves vs UWr Stoneblade #3
R4: Elves vs Infect #4

That’s it for now! I’ll likely be streaming again tomorrow night, so make sure to check 8pm CET (GMT+1) on for another round of Monogreen Delversmashing!

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