GP Chiba – English Rebroadcast Videos

Last week Chiba saw over 2600 players come together for what seems to be the last Japanese Legacy Grand Prix for the time being. And while the official stream was only available in Japanese, internet superheroes Bob Huang, Jarvis Yu, Anuraag Das and James Pogue fought their way through a horde of tentacles the NicoNico website to provide the rest of the world with an English restream. Props to you guys!

Your hosts Jarvis Yu, Bob Huang & Anuraag Das

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Check out their videos below or click here to get to my YouTube channel’s playlist.

Round 01: Tin Fins vs Death & Taxes

Round 02: Grixis Delver vs Miracles

Round 03: Grixis Delver vs Grixis Delver

Round 04: ANT vs ANT

Round 05: Grixis Delver vs Shardless BUG

Round 06: Shardless BUG vs Miracles

Round 07: Miracles vs Miracles

Round 08: Infect vs Miracles

Round 09: Sneak Show vs Miracles

Round 10: Death & Taxes vs Miracles

Round 11: Merfolk vs Eldrazi

Round 12: Miracles vs Food Chain

Round 13: Elves vs Miracles

Round 14: Eldrazi vs Dragon Stompy, kind of

Round 15: Death & Taxes vs Sneak Show

Quarterfinals 1: Storm vs Sneak Show

Quarterfinals 2: Death & Taxes vs Miracles

Semifinals 1: Sneak Show vs Sneak Show

Semifinals 2: Miracles vs Miracles

Finals: Miracles vs Sneak Show

Thanks for tuning in! I really hope Wizards of the Coast will rethink their decision to withdraw Legacy Grand Prix support from both Europe and Japan in 2017. Judging by everything I have seen in these videos, GP Chiba appears to have been a HUGE success!

So long,

2 thoughts on “GP Chiba – English Rebroadcast Videos

  • December 1, 2016 at 4:18 pm

    thanks :-=)))

  • December 1, 2016 at 5:58 pm

    Thank you for this Julian! I caught some of it on Twitch over the weekend but am thankful you posted the broken down matches so I could check out the Elves deck! Keep up the good work!

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