Humans of Magic – Ep.#2 with Julian Knab

My friend the excellent James Hsu, author of Magic: The Addiction and magical globetrotter, recently got an amazing new project started. Humans of Magic is a podcast series meant to focus less on the player and more on the human being behind a variety of Magic personas. Some of his early guests include GP SeaTac winner Jarvis Yu, travelling philosopher Caleb Durward….and me! 🙂

James and I had about a two hour-long casual chat about various topics including my upbringing as a competitive FPS games, my fascination with the fighting game community and all the major steps of my career as a Magic players. Definitely worth checking it out if you want to learn a lot more about both my magical as well as very personal background.

Julian Knab is a well-known gamer and grinder, and co-founder of the Legacy Mediocre League. He’s also a good friend of mine. We enjoy a free-flowing conversation about his gaming background, love of video games, and competitive journey. Many shared laughs are had along the way.
James Hsu

For a complete list of episodes, check out Soundcloud or iTunes!

Liked it? Make sure to bookmark Humans of Magic ! From what I’ve heard from James, he has some really big names lined up for his next 5-10 episodes. Can’t/won’t spoil anything yet but there’s gonna be a lot of amazing sotries from both in- and outside Magic as well as Wizards of the Coast!

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