I know that I know nothing..

…but what I do know is that Mono Blue OmniTell is really making a big comeback on Magic Online these days. Dodging almost every piece of hate except for maybe Ethersworn Canonist, the deck is easily the strongest Show and Tell variant out there and a force to be reckoned with. How will Julian fare against a deck that plays a double-digit amount of the best land ever printed? And what is this UR Landstill thing that’s slowly making it’s way over from Japan? Find out in today’s two Legacy Daily Events we’re bringing you!

Legacy Daily Events:

R1: Elves vs Grixis Delver #7
R2: Elves vs BUG Delver #9
R3: Elves vs Grixis Midrange #5

R1: Elves vs UR Landstill #2
R2: Elves vs OmniTell #4
R3: Elves vs UWr Delver #7
R4: Elves vs OmniTell #5

That’s it for today! We’re really looking forward to Julian streaming on a once again regular schedule following the downtime post April 1st. As of now, the new schedule will see Julian stream on these days:

Monday: 7:30 pm — Legacy
Tuesday: 7:30 pm — Legacy
Wednesday: regular Magic Online downtime
Thursday: 8:30pm — Legacy
Friday: 8:30pm — VINTAGE (!)
All times are CEST (UCT+2).

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