“Is this card good?”

WotC had selected Julian as one of the featured streamers during Thursday’s special Fate Reforged Streamer Draft. Watch how a self-proclaimed Legacy expert makes his way through the likes of @NumotTheNummy, @SimonGoertzen, @Marshall_LR and others!

On top of that we bring you enogh Elves content to procrastinate throughout the entire week! Check out three Daily Events Julian played throughout the last week and witness his first steps into one of Magic’s most random and funniest formats ever: two matches of Momir Basic are waiting for you — and those surely won’t be the last for us! Saty tuned!


Elves vs Miracles #10

Daily Event 30th January 2015:
R1: Elves vs UWr Stoneblade #4
R2: Elves vs Grixis Delver #2
R3: Elves vs MUD #1
R4: Elves vs Reanimator #8

Daily Event 1st February 2015
R1: Elves vs ANT #6
R2: Elves vs Junk Depths #2
R3: Elves vs RUG Delver #4

Daily Event 1st February 2015
R1: Elves vs Infect #5
R2: Elves vs 4c Delver #2
R3: Elves vs Elves #8
R4: Elves vs Infect #6

Limited / Special:

Exclusive Fate Reforged Preview Draft – Invite only Event by Wizards of the Coast
Draft: Drafting Portion
R1: vs Kenji Egashira     (@NumotTheNummy)
R2: vs WotC_Fblthp
R3: vs Marshal Sutcliffe     (@Marshall_LR)

Momir Basic:

Momir Basic #1 on 1st February 2015
Momir Basic #2 on 1st February 2015

That’s it for now! I’ll likely be streaming again on either Monday (1pm CET, GMT+1) or Tuesday (8pm CET, GMT+1), so make sure to check twitch.tv/itsJulian for more Legacy action!

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