Legacy Challenge with Elves #6

Last week WotC announced that they were converting the previously monthly Legacy and Vintage Challenges into a weekly thing. This is AMAZING news! Having access to reasonably high stakes tournaments on every weekend with some of the best players competing against each other is gonna do so much for especially Legacy, not only providing a lot more data but also a great incentive to buy into the format. I’m really hyped for this change and am even considering getting a Vintage deck to play in those events if my schedule permits.

On Saturday, I played in the last monthly event (which from now on is gonna be a weekly event on Sunday). Check out the videos below!


Short Deck Tech & Round 1 vs Grixis Delver:

Round 2 vs Eldrazi:

Round 3 vs Burn:

Round 4 vs Turbo Depths:

Round 5 vs Burn:

Round 6 vs UR Delver:

Round 7 vs UB Death’s Shadow:

Not the result I expected, but still had a great time playing these matches and I think I got to highlight and explain a couple of important concepts, which is always a great bonus. For more content don’t miss the Wild Card round of the Legacy Premier League this Thursday (5pm Eastern) on my twitch channel where 8 players will be fighting for 4 more spots in the league’s quarterfinals!

So long,

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