Legacy Daily Event Overload

In celebration of Julian’s 1,000th follower of Twitch, this week brings you not only 1 but Legacy Daily Events! Judging from the matchups below, can you guess which one Julian navigated to a perfect 4-0? For all you Limited lovers out there, Julian and Marc jump right into right the last Holiday Cube Draft of the season, drafting an archetype beloved by one of them but hated by the other. Oh and there’s a Modern Masters Draft, too..if you wanna call it that 😉

Also check out the rare sightings of two of the hot new decks of Legacy, Lejay’s (@JeanMaryAccart) Sylvan Plug deck as well as the mysterious Helmerator deck of recent SCG fame.


Holiday Cube Draft #6 with Marc “Bahra” König
Modern Masters Draft #1


Elves vs Sylvan Plug #1
Elves vs Helmerator #1

Daily Event 4th January 2015:
R1: Elves vs Elves #6
R2: Elves vs Reanimator #6
R3: Elves vs UR Delver #5
R4: Elves vs UR Delver #6

Daily Event 5th January 2015:
R1: Elves vs Reanimator #7
R2: Elves vs Nic Fit #1
R3: Elves vs Dredge #5
R4: Elves vs UWr Delver #3

Daily Event 7th January 2015:
R1: Elves vs Miracles #6
R2: Elves vs UWr Delver #4
R3: Elves vs UWr Delver #5
R4: Elves vs Sneak Show #1

Daily Event 8th January 2015:
R1: Elves vs Sneak Show #2 vs Brad Nelson
R2: Elves vs Elves #7
R3: Elves vs ANT #5
R4: Elves vs Miracles #7


Scapeshift vs RG Tron #2

That’s a lot of Legacy right there. Let us know once you’re done catching up! Julian has been trying to stream as often as possible to try and somehow fill the gap left by the recent departures of Marc and Mattias. It really means a lot to us to also see you guys tune in in consistently high numbers!

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