Swiped to the Left

For today’s Daily Event it’s all-fair decks! Due to reasons beyond our control, all the Sneak Show, Storm, Miracles and OmniTell player have all swiped Julian to the left, leaving you with a highly interactive, exciting and diverese set of matches. Enjoy!

Also stay tuned for next week when we will bring you more Legacy action as well as several Cube drafts that Julian did with Marc (@Bahra01) and Overvoltage (@Flusterstorm)!

Legacy Daily Event:

R1: Elves vs *BYE*
R2: Elves vs Grixis Delver #8
R3: Elves vs Espderblade #7
R4: Elves vs RUG Delver #5

Bonus: Don’t forget about the Special Streamer Draft on Thursday, 2nd April at 8pm (GMT+2) to see Julian go up against the likes of Paul Cheon (), Kenji Egashira () and others!

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