WotC re-invites Julian for Dragons of Tarkir!

Another day, another Daily. This time we engage in some serious “Little Green Men(?) vs Divine Ray from the Sky” action and run Julian’s Elves straight into Terminus…or so it seems? After battling some rather inconvenient matchups for the first two rounds, Julian unlocks the key to not one but two final boss monsters! See how he fares against what he affectionately refers to as “Shiva, Destroyer of Worlds”; will they unlock his final limit break attack?

Legacy Daily Event:

R1: Elves vs Elves #10
R2: Elves vs Sneak Show #3
R3: Elves vs Miracles #12
R4: Elves vs Miracles #13

But there’s more news! Following Julian’s stellar 1-2 performance in the invite-only Special Streamer Draft for Fate Reforged, Wizards of the Coast has decided to re-invite him for Dragons of Tarkir! Tune in on Thursday, 2nd April at 8pm (GMT+2) to see him go up against the likes of Paul Cheon (), Kenji Egashira () and others!

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