Legacy League with Elves #3

Another week, another Legacy League brought to you by my amazing patrons of Patreon! Big shout-out to you guys & girls, who are giving me this opportunity! Just as I type this we hit our goal of rebooting the famous Everyday Eternal podcast that I used to be part of since 2013. I’m super excited and looking forward to this, with what will likely be monthly episodes! On top of that, we also hit the goal of me finally writing the Ultimate Elves Primer! It’s gonna take a couple of weeks and will have ALL the things I have to say about the deck! Call it the Elves Bible, if you want! I’ll make sure to keep all of you updated about the progress! In the meantime, enjoy this week’s run in the League!


Short Deck Tech & Round 1: TES (Bryant Cook)

Round 2: BUG Delver (Anders Thiesen)

Round 3: ANT

Round 4: Elves

Round 5: Elves

Hope you enjoyed today’s videos! Make sure to check out the Legacy Premier League this Thursday when it’s finally time for me to jump into the action and face off against the creator of Legacy™ Bob Huang, everyone’s favourite cagefighter Rudy Briksza and Manaless Dredge Master Mack Doyle on my Twitch channel!

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