LPL History


How it all started, 2015

The initial idea of the Legacy Mediocre League dates back to April 2015 when Mike “Overvoltage” Danielson created a fake rooster poster for an imaginary, online Legacy league. Back then it wasn’t really meant as an actual announcement (31st April…) yet got a lot of people really excited for the prospect of it. With the growing popularity of the Community/Super League format, the idea of making their own league with Brainstorms kept lingering around in the back of the heads of Mike and Julian. In April 2016, the two decided to finally go ahead and give the people what they want. Formulating a clear mission statement of gathering only the most mediocre players on Magic Online, Mike and Julian are ready to bring you the first season of the format’s most decent league: The Legacy Mediocrity League!

Our league is all about showcasing the amazing format that is Legacy. All of our competitors are long-time veterans of not only Type 1.5 (as it was called upon its creation) but Eternal Magic in general. Our aim is to not only bring you great entertainment on top of some mediocre education, but also to draw new people into the community. No matter whether you’re a seasoned pro looking for diversification (you hear us, Olle?), a Modern player looking to make the next logical step, or new to the competitive scene as a whole — we’d be happy to see you in the stream chat or at your next Legacy tournament!


Following the great success of the Legacy Mediocre League in 2016 our team once again gathered the best and the brightest minds in Eternal Magic (at least that’s what we told them) to run a league in our favourite format of Magic: the Gathering: Legacy! This time increasing the rooster to 16 players from four different continents — among them the reigning World Champion, the inventor of Legacy and a 3 6x FNM Champion — we’re looking to bring you even more instant action, creative problem-solving and other integral buzzwords! Starting on April 20th 2017, tune in on Thursday nights at 5pm Eastern Daylight Time (UTC-4) at and follow Mike (@Flusterstorm) and Julian (@itsJulian23) on Twitter!

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