Legacy Premier League – Semifinals I+II

With half of our competitors at Grand Prix Vegas the previous week, we are finally back with the semifinals of this season! Make sure to check out all of those videos and decklist as we select the last two men standing who will fight for the championship on June 29th!

Big thanks to all of you who keep tuning into our league in massive numbers — and a special shout-out to everyone who said hello to Mike and me at #GPVegas! I also want to thank our sponsors Cardhoarder, Living Cards and Matt “sdematt” Pavlic for their support in making this league happen!


Jarvis Yu

Result »

Grixis Delver > RG Lands
Grixis Delver > Imperial Painter
Grixis Delver < Esper Deathblade
Food Chain > Esper Deathblade

Michael Bonde
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Caleb Durward

Result »

> Big Red
Miracles > Death & Taxes
Miracles > UWr Landstill

Mack Doyle
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Decklists [contains Match Spoilers]:

Jarvis Yu »

Michael Bonde »

Caleb Durward »

Mack Doyle »

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Tune in for the final week of this season on Thursday next week when we’ll be crowing our CHAMPION!

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