Legacy Premier League – Quarterfinals I+II

With the Wild Card rounds in the books, it’s time to move into the EPICNESS that is the Legacy King of the Hill format! The way it works is that every player submits three different decks from which he then selects a starting Pokemon deck. If you win, you have to stay with your deck while the loser gets to select one of his remaining decks. Beat all three of your opponent’s deck to book your spot in the semifinals! There’s tons of mind games going into your deck selection, while also testing a player’s overall mastery of the Legacy format. Awesome games guaranteed!

Once again, big thanks to everyone who tuned into the live stream on Thursday! Seeing all of you tune into our show every week is just so great and Mike and I are happy to keep bringing you the Legacy content all of us love so much! I also want to thank our sponsors Cardhoarder, Living Cards and Matt “sdematt” Pavlic for their support in making this league happen!


Michael Bonde

Result »

4c Loam > Elves
4c Loam > Sneak Show
4c Loam > Grixis Delver

Brett Jayne

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Mack Doyle

Result »

UWR Landstill > BUG 3-Drops
UWR Landstill > 4c Loam
UWR Landstill > Moon Stompy

Nick Feola

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Decklists [contains Match Spoilers]:

Michael Bonde »

Brett Jayne »

Mack Doyle »

Feola »


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And that concludes our first two quarterfinals. As promised, we got to see some wicked games. When’s the last time you saw Fact or Fiction resolved in Legacy? Next week Bob Huang vs Caleb Durward as well as Jarvis Yu vs me are gonna fight for the two last remaining spots in the semifinals!

So long,

PS: I 5-0’ed a League while writing this news post. #ValueTown

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