Legacy’s Allure – Interview #5 – Elves with Julian Knab

Zachary Koch’s commitment to Legacy content-creation is truely remarkable. As the man behind the recently established MTG Training Grounds channel, he not only broadcasts the Huntsville Legacy Tour, but also records educational matches from a feature match table setup at his own hosue. In one of his most recent projects Zach interviews known Legacy experts about decks they are heavily involved with, providing a deeper and more personal insight into the how, why and when his guests picked up and played their favorite deck of choice. For his 5th episode Zach invited me to be his guest, check it out!

Previous Episodes:
Episode #1 — Storm with Caleb Scherer
Episode #2 — Delver with Dylan Donegan
Episode #3 — Miracles with Joe Lossett
Episode #4 — Shardless BUG with Gerry Thompson

Thanks to all the people who requested me to be on Zach’s show, I really enjoyed it!

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