Meet the Players

Anuraag Das Mack Doyle
Bob Huang Michael Bonde
Brett Jayne Nick Feola
Brian Braun-Duin Patrick Dickmann
Caleb Durward Robert Stan
Jarvis Yu Romario Neto
Jon Johnson Rudy Briksza
Julian Knab Tim Akpinar
The man behind the curtain: Mike Danielson

Anuraag Das

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Anuraag Das was born “on a rug” weighing in at 30 pounds and 2 ounces. Before he learned how to walk, he rode his household dog Rover around the neighborhood, stealing the hearts and minds of many maiden souls. He is a well-known Miracles streamer, once garnering a fifth of Joe Lossett’s viewership. He is perhaps best known for his SCG Worcester Open Top 8 and subsequent DQ for being unable to desist from his compulsive gambling habit. He wagered the outcome of his match on a roll of a die, much like how he wagered the years 35-55 of his life. (During those years he will be an indentured servant to a pony.)

Anuraag is thrilled and excited at the prospect of playing in this year’s Legacy Premier League. “I always knew I would make it one day in the big leagues. I’m going to tell my mom she can retire now.”

— Bob Huang

Anuraag has entered the group stage with Not Miracles.

Bob Huang

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Legend has it the fabled 2015 Eternal Weekend Legacy Champion Bob “Katana Bob” Huang mastered the art of delving secrets while meditating under the hidden waterfalls of the Sahara Desert. It was here that Richard Garfield himself knighted Bob as the “Inventor of Legacy”. The next weekend Bob returned home to the States and obliterated the SCG NJ Legacy Open with his 4 Treasure Cruises and Taylor Swiftspears.

But Bob is more than a LV999 mage. In his spare time, you might find him bird watching or painting stills of his balcony hibiscus garden. Katana Bob also dabbles in philosophy and statistics, which he often applies in his studies of Magic. You can find his quality publications (and bed hair mug shot) analyzing the Legacy format on, though nobody has seen Bob actually write them.

Things you should know about Bob:
• Bob never mulligans.
• Bob NEVER mulligans.
• Bob’s favorite card is Sensei’s Divining Top. Least favorite card? Hymn to Tourach.
• Bob once played Joe Cool and won a game. Just kidding, but he came close. Just kidding again, it wasn’t close at all. But Bob did finish in the top 16 of both GP NJ and GP DC!

— Anuraag Das

Bob has entered the group stage with, yes, Grixis Death’s Shadow.

Brett Jayne

Twitter Twitch

Brett Jayne is a student, MTGO streamer and apparently a pillar of the MTGO community. After winning an online PTQ, he had the opportunity to play at PT Oath of the Gatewatch where he managed to day 2. While he hasn’t delved too deeply into competitive events, a few GP Day 2s are a positive sign of potential if his focus was to shift from MTGO to paper magic.

Three years ago Brett’s life took a sudden turn when he decided to quite his job as a bouncer at his local supermarket (“it’s not the best area, you see…”) to instead pursue his dream of becoming a musician. After trading a bunch of leftover bulk rares and his pet monkey Wonka for a second-hand DJ set he moved to California to start his new life. With a long personal background in radical hip hop, Brett soon started hosting underground rap battles everywhere along the West coast while also building his own label “Sir Force-A-Lot Records”. If you would like to submit your demo tape to Brett, we kindly ask you to reconsider your life choices are apparently contractually obligated to forward it to him.

— Mike Danielson & Julian Knab

Brett has entered the group stage with BUG Delver. (Switched to Grixis Delver post Sensei’s Diving Top ban)

Brian Braun-Duin


The man. The myth. The Twitch emoticon. Many of you probably already know Brian as the face behind the popular SwiftRage command on the world’s premier streaming platform. But did you also know that he is actually the reigning World Champion of Standard and Limited Magic? Admittedly this probably sounds a bit unexciting to anyone not familiar with these formats (“My son is a limited world champion!”), but it is actually by far the greatest feat pulled off by anyone in this league, even outshining that one time Anuraag managed to plug in a USB drive on first try.

To Legacy players, Brian is primarily known for his run at GP New Jersey 2014 where he famously forgot his playset of Delver of Secrets at home and decided to just roll with it, taking down the Grand Prix in the process!

We can’t disclose how we tricked convinced Brian to enter the league, but it involves some obscure Virginia state law, an ancient Maya ritual and the promise of another special twitch emoticon should he emerge victorious.

— Julian Knab

Brian has entered the group stage with UWr Mentor.

Caleb Durward

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Caleb’s aspirations of mediocrity began back in 2010 with a UG Survival deck, where he made the dubious call to run Aquamoeba in Legacy. Even more egregiously: a blue deck without Brainstorm. Next he developed UR Painted Stone, a Force of Will deck with an unforgivably low blue count of 14. He continued on, indulging his fetish of jamming cards where they didn’t belong — Jace, the Mind Sculptor into Zoo, Scavenging Ooze into RUG Delver, Rest in Peace and Helm of Obedience into Miracles, and Karn Liberated into UB Tezzeret. As his win rate dropped, his card selection got even wilder (not the other way around), until he became the epitome of washed up mediocrity he always knew he could be.

He’s also our champion of the first season of  the Legacy Mediocre League. That’s really everything you need to know about our league.

— Mike Danielson

Caleb had entered the group stage with Not Quite Miracles.

Jarvis Yu

Twitter Twitch

SlayerS_`Jarvis was born to a family of professional applied mathematicians gamblers. Gifted with a natural talent for quick decision-making, he spent the better part of his youth pursuing a career in pro gaming, once notably almost earning a spot as a practice partner on a South Korean Starcraft: Broodwar team.

Jarvis is often credited as one of the most influential players of Magic, with his most notable contribution to the game being his accidental invention of the Madness mechanic during a long night of drinking, drafting and repeatedly dropping his hand of cards. Yet despite his achievements, Jarvis’ family recently threatened to disown him when they discovered that he was just a mere Gold Level pro, but decided to give him one last shot by secretly signing him up for the Legacy Premier League.

— Julian Knab

Jarvis has entered the group stage with UB Reanimator. (Switched to RG Lands post Sensei’s Diving Top ban)

Jon Johnson


According to his Tinder profile, Jon enjoys cooking and eating way too much, so we initially hired him as the league’s head of catering before his natural talent for turning cards sideways was discovered HR realized this was a global online league with no use for such services. At this point he had already dropped out of Twitch’s most famous Magic-themed cooking show he used to host, allegedly “to rise up to new challenges and adventures”: instead he found craft beers and cocktails, which he probably knows more about than anyone else in his hometown of Lapeer, Michigan.

Always eager to hone his cooking skills, Jon is basically the El Fuerte of the league, who has everyone of us looking forward to whatever spice he will bring to the tournament! (I will see myself out)

— Julian Knab

Jon has entered the group stage with UB OmniTell.

Julian Knab

Twitter YT Twitch RessJul

Since his 2013 Bazaar of Moxen Legacy main event win put him on the radar, Julian has risen to the challenge of becoming a Legacy master. Committing to this goal, he has traveled far and wide, from New York to Warsaw, competing for titles and trophies alike while making friends along the way.

Julian came a bit short of his goal, however, and began seeking the mediocrity of winning Legacy side events, taking 1st place at GP Paris, Barcelona, and Vienna in 2013. After his 4th place finish in the Legacy side event of GP Lille 2015, he believed himself able to put up results in main events instead; he now boasts 14 18 x-2’s, missing top 8 by a single point in Legacy tournaments across Europe (primarily on the BoM and MKM series).

Julian is known for offering guerilla coverage of European GPs, and as a former Magic streamer, keeping twitch (and Kenya) free from Ebola. In his spare time, he enjoys retro gaming, racing quadricopters, and watching his favorite football club, Real Madrid. (Julian’s note: WTF?!)

— Mike Danielson

Julian has entered the group stage with Elves.

Mack Doyle


Mack started making a name for himself as the pit boss of his local FNM as soon as age 12, dominating the local scene despite his inexplicable fondness of Wood Elemental. Not much is known about his early days, but survivors of the “Brighton Treefolk Massacre” claim that many promising careers were shattered under the merciless march of Mack’s Mirrorwood Treefolks that day. After realizing there were no tournaments left to conquer in his hometown, Mack embarked on a 3-year long journey into the heart of Africa, founding several short-lived fight clubs in the Congo River Basin.

Upon his eventual return to the United States, Mack entered college in order to pursue a degree in “something fun”, while secretly building one of the largest herb empires of the Pacific North West. Introduced to Legacy by one of his associates, he immediately became hooked, eventually depleting all of his business‘ funds in order to buy into the format. Homeless and with his life in shambles, we discovered Mack in a Detroit city park, crafting Doomsday piles for charity. Impressed with his understanding of the format, we decided to invite him into the league to help him get his life back on track. Initially hesitant, Mack’s probation officer cousin convinced him to seek this one-of-kind opportunity!

Mack enjoys peaceful walks on the beach and plays guitar in Grey Matter, a punk band focussed on the issues of the elderly.

— Julian Knab

Mack has entered the group stage with Manaless Dredge, the madman.

Michael Bonde

Twitter Twitch

Hailing from the Danish town of Arhus, this soldier-turned-teacher has entered our league to prove himself as the uncontested master of White Weenie. A member of the elusive Danish crime grind organization Team Rocket Mr Bonde boasts a long list of successes across various formats, including several Grand Prix (Legacy+Standard/Limited) Top8s as well as a Bazaar of Moxen (Vintage) and SCG Open (Standard) win. Often referred to as “the man who put Eiganjo Castle on the map”, his perhaps most notable skill is the ability to sing the Gummi Bears song in several languages.

— Julian Knab

Michael has entered the group stage with Death & Taxes.

Nick Feola


Nick Feola, Vice President of Operations at South Florida Magic is a shining example of positivity. Beloved by all of the Florida Magic community, he’s one of the pillars that Legacy in the sunshine state is firmly relying on. When we first encountered Nick he was nursing an injured puppy in the middle of a highway. Astonished by his bravery and dedication, we just had to make room for him in the league.

When Nick’s friends heard about his inclusion, they were so happy they immediately sent us a letter of recommendation:

“The fucking literal worst. Nothing that comes out of his mouth is the truth, and he deadpans all of it. He constantly sings the intro song to Sanford & Son, is gassy at inappropriate times, and can never let a joke go. Nick decided to foil out Boogles in Modern, so that should tell you what you need to know. His laugh is piercing and haunts my nightmares. Nick’s lack of formal education does not stop him from being overly opinionated about everything, whether he understands it or not.”

— Julian Knab

Nick has entered the group stage with BUG 3 Drops.

Patrick Dickmann

Twitter Twitch

Probably Germany’s most famous child actor of the early 2000s, Patrick Dickmann started making a name for himself as soon as age 10 when he and his brother starred in the country’s most popular afternoon TV show. With their (parents’?) natural talent for marketing, the two brothers soon landed a contract with Germany’s largest candy company, promoting their own line of sugar bombs called “Super Dickmanns.”

Growing older, Patrick gradually phased out his show career in favour of TV commercials. Still famous all around the country, a company called Wizards of the Coast contracted him for a video ad about one of their latest board games: Arena of the Planeswalkers. After shooting was done Patrick decided to explore the origins of the fascinating game he just got paid to play in front of an audience, and ventured straight into Magic: the Gathering’s Modern format. Fast forward a couple of years and WotC’ has banned every deck Patrick has ever laid his hands on, including Splinter Twin, Tarmo Twin and Grixis Twin. When word hit the streets Patrick was about to yet again break the format with Chimney Imp Twin, the DCI stepped in; however instead of once again banning some cards they instead got rid of the entire format instead, leaving Patrick without a home.

Enter the Legacy Premier League! When one of our agents spotted Patrick randomly foiling out Legacy Eldrazi and UR Delver on Magic Online, we correctly identified his actions as a cry for help and quickly took him under our wings. After spending several months in a Legacy boot camp, Patrick is now ready to unleash his latest creation onto Legacy.we just hope it doesn’t involve any Splinter Twins

— Julian Knab

Patrick has entered the group stage with UR OmniSneak.

Robert Stan

Twitter Twitch

Not much is known about the man currently known as Robert Stan, who describes himself as a “not very interesting person”, but anyone who has watched his stream might know better. Growing up in one of the many unnamed suburbs of Laos, Nigeria, Robert allegedly traces his ancestry back to a certain Prince Emmanuel Okocha. His royal descent is what eventually allowed Robert to pay his way out of poverty and pursue a formal education in Canada. Upon his arrival in Toronto he quickly became a feared grinder in the Ontario PTQ scene, making Top8 in various tournaments, which culminated in an invite to Pro Tour Jactice League Oath of the Gatewatch. At the PT, Robert’s plans of Sunday Magic were unfortunately foiled as a “bunch of lucky newcomers” made short work of him. (Further investigation showed those players to be Darwin Kastle, Marcio Carvahlo and Martin Dang.)

Robert garnered the league’s attention when he was observed conconvincing Hall-of-Famer Kenji Tsumura to concede a match with the promise of unimaginable wealth Kenji could access in Robert’s home country. (If you would like to support Robert’s claim to his rightful heritage, please send an email to Initially considered for the position of treasurer, it was quickly revealed we needed an additional player Robert had a natural talent for Legacy, paving his way into this season’s group stage.

— Julian Knab

Robert has entered the group stage with Grixis Control.

Romario Neto

Twitter Twitch

A Brazilian veteran of Combo Winter 98/99, Romario’s traumatic experiences in the South American theater lead him to leave the game behind and start a new life in the US in 2000, far away from the terror Urza’s Saga had once brought to his hometown.

Following ten years of intensive counselling for his Post-Tolarian Stress Disorder, Romario felt he was ready to face his fears and eventually returned to the game during Zendikar block. Initially durdling around in Standard, Romario was quickly consumed by the allure of the Legacy format, which he has been playing almost exclusively ever since. Still sometimes haunted by nightmares about Combo Winter, Romario usually spends his tournaments casting Chalice of the Void and Trinisphere, which has helped him to SCG Top8s as well as into GP Day2s on multiple continents.

— Julian Knab

Romario has entered the group stage with The Epic Storm.

Rudy Briksza

Twitter Twitch

They say the Inuit have 50 different words for snow. Interestingly, that’s also the numbers of spellings you will find for Rudy’s last name when searching for him on Google. We eventually decided to just pick a random one and pray we got it right, because everyone knows nothing good has ever come from misspelling Rudy’s name.

When we first met Rudy we thought he was some kind of barkeeping instructor as he kept bragging about his “sick Mai Tai skills” and how he would teach people from all over the state. We only later became aware of our mistake when we attended one of Rudy’s cocktail tournaments, only to immediately see him beat the living shit out of his co-competitor instead of mixing the delicious Mai Tai we expected. Turns out Rudy is actually a Muay Thai master, highly skilled in all sorts of martial arts including Silat, Savate and Sagat.

A weapon of mass destruction by training, Rudy makes a living from grinding Magic tournaments and attending illegal underground cagefights strictly private athletic exhibitions.

— Julian Knab

Rudy has entered the group stage with BUG Delver.

Tim Akpinar

Twitter Twitch

Tim is a Brooklyn Legacy player, and in stereotypical Brooklyn hipster fashion, he’ll tell you that he played Miracles before it was cool. (He did actually take “Miracle Blade” to a day two in the first Legacy GP that featured the Miracle mechanic). Tim also has some additional “Hipster cred” as being a former writer for Hipsters of the Coast, where you may have heard him opine on how the Khans block Delve spells were the bee’s knees before anyone else was on board. And that Monastery Mentor was going to be one of the greatest eternal creatures of all time. (Obviously, you should disregard all his incorrect predictions.)

Tim still manages to maintain his mediocre status, though, because in spite of knowing what’s hip and cool in Legacy, ahead of its time, he has skillfully managed to dodge the top 8 of any major tournament, though he’s managed to cash or day two his fair share of events. That’s fine though. Top 8s are for sellouts.

— Mike Danielson

Tim has entered the group stage with The Czech Pile.

The Man behind the curtain: Mike Danielson

Twitter Twitch

Primarily an Extended and Type 1 player, Mike took a break from Magic in 2005 and went on to win Time Magazine’s Person of the Year in 2006. He was dragged back by some friends at university at the end of New Phyrexia and jumped straight into Legacy, catching up to speed via Magic Online and Twitch streams where he’s made a name for himself.

— TIME Magazine

Mike has entered the Legacy Premiere League without a deck. He’s that good.

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