League Sponsors

The following organizations and people have greatly contributed to giving us the opportunity to make this league happen. We’re very thankful not only for their support of this project but their general commitment to both the Legacy format and Magic: the Gathering as a whole.


Website: cardhoarder.com


Cardhoarder has been serving the MTGO community since 2005 as one of the largest stores for singles and decks. Cardhoarder is easy to use – with live customer support available 24/7, an extensive network of bots available on Magic Online, and 24/7 automated delivery of your web order. In addition to selling singles, we buy and sell Event Tickets, purchase collections, offer a free collection management tool and provide help for new players – making us your one-stop shop for all MTGO needs. We love finding ways to support the Magic community, and are proud to support the Legacy Premier League.



LivingCards creates premier motion graphics and animation for Magic: The Gathering and its community of content creators.

Matt Pavlic


Matt “sdematt” Pavlic is one of the most oldschool pillars of the Legacy format, which he has been involved with ever since its creation. Hailing from the shores of Vancouver, B.C., he has participated Magic tournaments all around the world and allegedly holds the world record for most activations of Recurring Nightmare in the history of the card. He is also well-known as a connoisseurs of fine mint Beta cards, with the potentially only thing more famous than him being the ziplock bag he once used to store an entire set in a local bank vault. If you ever bought Beta duals west of the Mississippi, chances are Matt was involved in one way or another.

Originally just a grinder & collector, Matt soon became involved in content creation as one of the hosts of the Everyday Eternal podcast, and also started organizing tournaments in both Canada and the US. With more and more private duties eating into his schedule these days, he has transformed into a less publicly visible persona of Legacy, acting as one of the background forces of many projects you probably didn’t even know he was involved in.

Technical Support:

I also want to personally thank Cole Pearson and Karl-heinz Codausi for their technical support whenever we ran into any issues with the website. Thanks guys! – Julian

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