Marc & Julian in: Legacy Adventures!

Today’s videos feature special guests Marc “Bahra” König for the 2nd Daily Event. While Julian got to battle through the almost same gauntlet of decks during his Daily Event two days prior, he teams up with one of Magic’s most prolific stremers and jump right back into the action!

For everyone looking for some KTK Draft, we got one of Julian’s preparation drafts for the upcoming Fate Reforged Special Streamer Draft that Wizards of the Coast invited him into. Tune in this Thursday, November 29th at 10pm CET (GMT+1h) on to watch Julian play a KTK/FRF against the likes of @NumotTheNummy, @SimonGoertzen, @Marshall_LR and others!


Daily Event 23rd January 2015:
R1: Elves vs RUG Delver #2
R2: Elves vs Miracles #8
R3: Elves vs OmniTell #1

Daily Event 25th January 2015
R1: Elves vs RUG Delver #3with special guest Marc “Bahra” König
R2: Elves vs Miracles #9 — with special guest Marc “Bahra” König:
R3: Elves vs OmniTell #2 — with special guest Marc “Bahra” König:
R4: Elves vs Zombardment #1 — with special guest Marc “Bahra” König:


KTK Draft Swiss #1 on 23rd January 2015

That’s it for now! I’ll likely be streaming again on either Monday or Tuesday night, so make sure to check 8pm CET (GMT+1) on for more Legacy action!

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