New Stream Session, Miracles, Reanimator & Delve Control VODs + Mario Kart 64

The past weekend we had a lot of fun on the stream. Even though we faced Miracles twice during the Legacy Daily Event, we managed to do pretty well and even pull of some insane moves, such as winning through a resolved Terminus on turn3. In the last round we finally squared off against Carsten Kotter’s most recent creation, UWR Delve Control. See how the matchup feels for Elves and how I chose to approach it.

For all your retrogaming needs, we finally took the next logical step and headed straight into Mario Kart 64. I actually never played that game for more than a combined lifetime total of 1h before, so join me on my quest to explore this classic!

Here’s the direct links to the VODs you’re looking for:

Legacy Daily Event:
Entire Stream Session (I know you want to!)
Elves vs Miracles #2
Elves vs Miracles #3
Elves vs Reanimator #3
Elves vs UWR Delve Control #1

Super Mario Kart – 100cc Flower & Star Cup (1st Nov 14)
Mario Kart 64 – 50cc Mushroom Cup & 100cc Flower Cup (1st Nov 14)

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Greetings from London+Prague! Looking forward to Prague Eternal tomorrow!


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