One Pimp To Rule Them All

Today we bring you a guest article by Julian’s fellow #TeamEuroSwag member Philipp Schönegger of more than just recent Miracles fame.

Welcome to my little project!

I present to you: Altered Miracles (in progress)

It’s been a long journey (about three years) and I’m not finished yet! The list portrayed does not represent my current Miracle list, just the one where I can show off the most altered stuff I have, to be honest. These cards/playmats/tokens have been done by different artists from all over the world and have accompanied me at my journey of travelling, meeting friends and playing Legacy.

DUAL LANDS11271269_627272797408677_1972515309_n

The duals have been altered by Sandreline. The Tundras fit to a panorama, as you can see, and represent a warband on their way home. The Volcanic Islands do not, this is due to the fact that I only needed one Volcanic at first and had to get the second one later, they’re altered to simply look better. The Karakas was no commissioned work, I had seen this earlier and always found that it looked amazing, especially considering that was basically a repair-work. At one point I found it at MKM/MCM and snap-bought it. What a pitty I don’t play Karakas in my competitive list any more. The extra duals have been a souvenir from my trip to the states where I Top8ed GP New Jersey.



The Basic lands are also done Sandreline. I chose different settings and colors to make them look distinct. The lighting effects are just stunning, if you ask me. I once had a set of Basic lands that were legal at GP Paris, but not all judges were happy with it. As soon as I came back from my Top8 I ordered those from Sandreline and have been happy with them ever since. The Arid Mesa is a different story. It was part of the Secret Santa – The Source 2014 where the Legacy community send each other awesome packages. Additionally, amalek0, the sender, had the package sent to GP NJ and handed to the judges there that gave me the package at the beginning of the players meeting, which was pretty cool as I received a package while everybody else was sitting there and looking around nervously. I also received a custom altered Counterspell that I just can’t find right now.



The Tops were made by Morgege and are simply a stunning piece of art with an incredible love to detail. Most people remark that they think that the one with the Storm motive is the best but I’m in love with the cornfield one. Probably my favorite alterations of them all! I picked up the Ponders via MKM/MCM once I switched to the 4 Ponder build of Miracles.



The Brainstorms and Force of Will were both made by Sandreline and match each other, as there’s one Force of Will and one Brainstorm with the same theme. I really like the sunset at the forest with a rural village! They were gifted to me by my grandmother, because she wanted to give me something I’d use very often that’d remind me of her. Well, it’s not like I’ll play Legacy without Force and Brainstorm any time soon!



The Counterbalances were also bought from MKM/MCM. The Counterspells and Spell Pierces were made by James Griffin. I especially like the distinct differences between the two Counterspells. The winter one always is in my sideboard. There’s no way I can ever mistake the SB Counterspell for the MB one. Despite the fact that the Spell Pierces look amazing, I had to cut them pretty soon. So I’m really sad I don’t get to play them.



The Jace was done by BigUp and looks pretty impressive when dumped onto the battlefield. I’ll be honest: I always play the non-altered one first to get it countered, so I can play longer with this. The Entreat the Angels were done by Oneiros Alters. The rest of the cards are yet to be altered.



The Terminus’ were also made by Oneiros Alters. The Swords to Plowshares however were also part of the Secret Source Santa 2013 event. I was gifted those by Valtrix, who didn’t just buy them. He painted them himself. Without any experience in doing so. I’m always amazed by how good they turned out and played them ever since.



The Angel tokens are done by RK_Post, I bought them at GP NJ and use them very regularly, because I think they look great! The monk tokens are self-made and accompanied me at Pro Tour Brussels.



The upper row of tokens were bought from MKM/MCM and have been one of my earlier tokens. The two in the bottom row were also part of Secret Source Santa 2014. They look different at the back, but I always use them at this side. There’s nothing less humiliating than getting killed by these nice and smiling tokens, right?



This was my first custom art playmat, painted by Frank Koran. It represents Yggdrasil, the Germanic tree of the worlds. I’ve used this playmat ever since I bought it and have been super happy with it ever since, bringing something unique to the table. I mean, I have a playmat from a PT as well but why play with something like that if you can have something like a custom painted one?



Ever since I had the amazing year that was 2014, where I didn’t only Top8 (4th place) both Legacy GPs but also won the Austrian Legacy Championship, organized by myself, I’m now playing this playmat, also painted by Frank Koran. Coincidentally though, the motive is Ponder. Who would’ve thought? It might be a little telling as to what I’m actually playing but I’m totally okay with that.

I hope you enjoyed my deck!
If you have any questions about it, please feel free to ask!

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