Ovinogeddon Photogallery

As with every big event, you always run into lots of friends from all around the world — at Ovino was no different! Check out whom I ran into in Milan and see the final standings of the two big Legacy events.

Tables 1-5 during the Big Legacy Trial. My friends Tomáš Vlček (Finalist Ovino & Prague Eternal 2014), Kai Thiele (Winner Prague Eternal 2014) and Niklas Kronbegrer (Winner BoM 2014). Stacked tables.
Floran Stange from Munich after Top8’ing the Big Legacy Trial with Burn. I unfortunately only 5-2’ed an finished 10th.
Johannes Gutbrod and Tomáš Vlček hanging out after the final round of the Big Legacy Trial. We’re already well past midnight.
Kai Thiele from Berlin also Top8’ed the Big Legacy Trial with his special take on ANT featuring Krosan Grips.
Final Standings of the Big Legacy Trial on Friday (~90 players).
Once you started losing too much, you were literally “out of the tournament.”
With the tournament officially starting at 11am, we had not yet reached round 4 by 5:30pm.
Me, Florian Stange, Tomáš Vlček, Johannes Gutbrod, Niklas Kronberger, Bernd Fritsch and Maximilian Lorenz after the final round of Swiss in the Legacy Main Event. Top16 was about to start past midnight.
Final Standings of the Legacy Main Event – Top16 went to Playoffs.
In case you ever grew tired of Magic there were plenty other things to do.
My friend Anton “Enton” Karlinski’s lucky charm helped him take down the Vintage Main Event on Sunday.
The loft we rented for the tournament.

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