Ovinogeddon Vintage Finals VOD

This past weekend, my friend Anton “Enton” Karlinski took the down Vintage Main Event at Ovinogeddon 9 in Milan, Italy. Since it was played late at night and not shown on stream, I decided to record it on my camera. The visual quality is surely lacking but as one of the premier Vintage events of the year, it is definitely worth a watch — especially Anton’s epic comeback in game3.

Since Top8 lists/results haven’t been posted by the Ovinogeddon crew yet, I can only tell you that Anton is on “der BURG” while his opponent plays Tezzerator. I’ll add their lists once they become available.

Without further ado, here we go:


Anton’s sideboarding:


Game3 — Part 1:

Game3 — Part 2:

Congratulations to Anton “Enton” Karlinski for winning the Ovinogeddon 9 Vintage Main Event! Here’s a picture of his lucky charm that carried him to vicotry:

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