LML Players

Brett Jayne

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Brett Jayne is a student, MTGO streamer and apparently a pillar of the MTGO community. After winning an online PTQ, he had the opportunity to play at PT Oath of the Gatewatch where he managed to day 2.While he hasn’t delved too deeply into competitive events, a few GP day 2s are a positive sign of potential if his focus was to shift from MTGO to paper magic.

Brett has entered the Legacy Mediocre League with Sneak and Show.

Caleb Durward

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Caleb’s aspirations of mediocrity began back in 2010 with a UG Survival deck, where he made the dubious call to run Aquamoeba in Legacy. Even more egregiously: a blue deck without Brainstorm. Next he developed UR Painted Stone, a Force of Will deck with an unforgivably low blue count of 14. He continued on, indulging his fetish of jamming cards where they didn’t belong– Jace, the Mind Sculptor into Zoo, Scavenging Ooze into RUG Delver, Rest in Peace and Helm of Obedience into Miracles, and Karn Liberated into UB Tezzeret. As his win rate dropped, his card selection got even wilder (not the other way around), until he became the epitome of washed up mediocrity he always knew he could be.

Caleb had entered the Legacy Mediocre League with Tin Fins.

Danny Batterman

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Even though Danny started playing TCGs when he was a kid, he didn’t get serious about competitive Magic until 2009. A self-described brewer/tuner, Danny’s passion for deck-building and fingerprints have been found at Pro Tours, Grand Prix, WMCQs & SCG Opens, though he himself hasn’t enjoyed too many high-level finishes of his own yet. This could be due to how infrequently he can make it out to large tournaments, the fact that he’s only really good at operating Sensei’s Diving Top and Time Vault — or his continous insistence that Elspeth, Sun’s Champion was Legacy-playable. (Editor’s Note: it’s the later)

Danny has entered the Legacy Mediocre League with Planeswalker Control.

Dayv Doberne

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Dayv “Sunyveil” Doberne hails from the San Francisco Bay Area, USA. After finding himself on the wrong side of a Maverick vs. Hive Mind matchup in the finals of an StarCityGames.com Legacy open and getting curbstomped appropriately, Dayv developed a reputation as a Green-Sun’s-Zenith-but-not-actually-playing-a-good-deck-like-Julian kind of guy. Dayv continued his rise to mediocrity by streaming on Twitch and writing articles on StarCityGames.com “once in a while”. Anybody who has watched his stream knows that Dayv spends a lot of time testing out various “ideas”, which may or may not include cards such as Captain Sisay or The Gitrog Monster (yes we are still talking about Legacy).

In July of 2015, Dayv went on a tear, 3-0ing FNM four consecutive times, earning him a full set of Path to Exile promos. Most recently, Dayv placed 65th at Grand Prix Albuquerque, cementing him a spot in the Legacy Mediocre League.

Dayv has entered the Legacy Mediocre League with Nic Fit.

Jean-Mary “Lejay” Accart


Jean-Mary “Lejay” Accart is a French player who has built a great legacy reputation from deckbuilding innovations and its deep, long, hard work on archetypes like Shardless BUG and Doomsday.  Yet somehow his best performance so far has been lucking his way into the quarters of GP Paris 2014 with a netdecked plateau deck he had never played two days prior the event.

That top8 allowed him to attend his first Block constructed + limited event and finish at a remarkable 2-6 in Atlanta. But these performances are just one part of an impressive list of top8  losses in French and European tournaments which earned him the mediocre qualification.

His long experience as a legacy competitor allows him to adapt into metagames switching decks very often, but somehow he hasn’t change his shardless 75 since summer 2014. This strange man is  responsible for people knowing what Release the Ants do, the banning of Tendrils of Agony on the French Peasant scene, and making the large miracles players community online face its worst nightmare  with the design of Sylvan Plug.

Jean-Mary has entered the Legacy Mediocre League with Doomsday.

Julian Knab

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Since his 2013 Bazaar of Moxen Legacy main event win put him on the radar, Julian has risen to the challenge of becoming a Legacy master. Committing to this goal, he has traveled far and wide, from New York to Warsaw, competing for titles and trophies alike while making friends along the way.

Julian came a bit short of his goal, however, and began seeking the mediocrity of winning Legacy side events, taking 1st place at GP Paris, Barcelona, and Vienna in 2013. After his 4th place finish in the Legacy side event of GP Lille 2015, he believed himself able to put up results in main events instead; he now boasts 14 x-2’s, missing top 8 by a single point in Legacy tournaments across Europe (primarily on the BoM and MKM series).

Julian is known for offering guerilla coverage of European GPs, and as a former Magic streamer, keeping twitch (and Kenya) free from Ebola. In his spare time, he enjoys retro gaming, racing quadricopters, and watching his favorite football club, Real Madrid. (Julian’s note: WTF?!)

Julian has entered the Legacy Mediocre League with Elves.

Joe Lossett

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Joe begun sculpting his resume for LML long before learning of its existence. He started out by making the finals of an SCG Legacy Open with Serra Avatar in his 75. Never one to settle, he made another Legacy Open final a few months later with Sen Triplets. To this day he thinks nobody else has managed to duplicate that feat. He was briefly afraid that winning a Legacy Open may have disqualified him from competing in the LML, but since his winning deck contained Portent (the definition of a mediocre cantrip) it was determined to be acceptable. Follow along in the Legacy Mediocre League as he attempts to break apart the format, this time with the power of Tsabo’s Decree at this fingertips.

Romario Neto

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A Brazilian Magic player living in the US, Romario started playing around 1997. Having survived combo winter, he has a fondness for trinisphere, chalice of the void, and other ‘fair’ cards.
He boasts an impressive(ly mediocre) SCG legacy open top 4 and has made day 2 in Legacy GP’s on multiple continents.

Romario has entered the Legacy Mediocre League with Eldrazi Stompy.

Tim Akpinar

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Tim is a Brooklyn Legacy player, and in stereotypical Brooklyn hipster fashion, he’ll tell you that he played Miracles before it was cool. (He did actually take “Miracle Blade” to a day two in the first Legacy GP that featured the Miracle mechanic). Tim also has some additional “Hipster cred” as being a former writer for Hipsters of the Coast, where you may have heard him opine on how the Khans block Delve spells were the bee’s knees before anyone else was on board. And that Monastery Mentor was going to be one of the greatest eternal creatures of all time. (Obviously, you should disregard all his incorrect predictions.)

Tim still manages to maintain his mediocre status, though, because in spite of knowing what’s hip and cool in Legacy, ahead of its time, he has skillfully managed to dodge the top 8 of any major tournament, though he’s managed to cash or day two his fair share of events. That’s fine though. Top 8s are for sellouts.

Tim has entered the Legacy Mediocre League with Reanimator.

The Commentator: Mike Danielson

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Primarily an Extended and Type 1 player, Mike took a break from Magic in 2005 and went on to win Time Magazine’s Person of the Year in 2006. He was dragged back by some friends at university at the end of New Phyrexia and jumped straight into Legacy, catching up to speed via Magic Online and Twitch streams where he’s made a name for himself.

Mike has entered the Legacy Mediocre League without a deck. He’s that good.


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