Everyday Eternal

Together with Matt Pavlic, Jacob “Koby” Kory, Sam Craven and Sean O’Brien, I’m one of the co-host of Everyday Eternal, a Legacy and Vintage focussed podcast. We are brining you the latest in American and European perspectives on the metagame and analysis of recent events with new episodes releases once or twice a month.

We’re always happy to hear from our listensers. Head over to our thread on The Source to let us know about what topics you would like to see discusses, critique of recent episodes or just to say how much you like Julian’s sexy German accent.

Recent episodes:

Episode 30 — Delving into Previous Misgivings

Episode 29 — Finally a Use for Magic Online

Episode 28 — Dega Rules, Mardu Drools

Episode 27 — The Brainstorm Blues – Part 2

Episode 26 — The Brainstorm Blues – Part 1

Episode 25 — Back in Black (and Green)

Episode 24 — Conspiracy Theories

Episode 23 — Deck Changes in a Slow Moving Metagame

Episode 22 — Bazaar of Guests

Episode 21 — Bazaar of Miracles