Snapcardster Podcast – Everything About Julian Knab

Last weekend Pedro Almodóvar Andreas Petersen of the Snapcardster team interviewed me for their podcast series. During our 40 minutes talk we touch on my upbringing as a competitive Legacy players,  thoughts on the state of Legacy and Modern, the ever-relevant Reserved List as well as the Rosewell Incident of 1947 (and I promise that only one of those is a lie!). We also focus on the history and concept of the Legacy Premier League, with Andreas submitting his application for the next season.

What is Snapcardster…and where can I download it?

Snapcardster builds the most powerful tools for magic fans. Scan your magic cards using your phone camera and organize your magic collection in decks and folders. Whether you’re a casual player, tournament grinder, store owner or online marketplace. Snapcardster’s intuitive and feature-rich application is more than an app. It’s your magic companion for daily mtg.

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Definitely check them out! Apparently they even have openings to write your Bachelor and/or Master thesis for them. How cool is that?!

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One thought on “Snapcardster Podcast – Everything About Julian Knab

  • July 19, 2017 at 2:42 am

    Julian is right about beta/alpha prices not really being hurt by reprints, look at berserk as a prime example

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