State of Legacy #7: Eternal Weekend, SCG Minneapolis, Cruise impact, Commander spoilers & more

Welcome to a fresh new episode of State of Legacy! This weekend the US was the place to play Magic. With Eternal Weekend and SCG Minneapolis in the books, Mattias, Marc and Julian provide a general overview of the results as well as a in-depth look at some of the more interesting sightings at both events. Ever felt the urge to jam 6 Tezzerets in your deck, summon Moggcatcher on turn 2 or show your friends how good Knight of the Reliquary still is? — Then this episode is for you!

Spoiler: there will be Slivers.

  • Eternal Weekend Results — Innovation in the face of Treasure Cruise
  • SCG Minneapolis Result — Moggcatcher, Slivers & a traditional take on Painter
  • Tracking Treasure Cruise
  • Commander 2014 Spoilers
  • What would you play tomorrow if…

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