State of Legacy Episode 3: SCG Atlanta, Infect, Reanimator and more!

In today’s episode of State of Legacy, Mattias, Marc and Julian the results of SCG Atlanta. Following Tom “The Boss” Ross taking down his second consecutive SCG Invitational two weeks before, Infect once again put on a strong showing with 3 copies in the Top8. Is the deck legit or just a fluke? Is it going to be here to stay and how do you actually fight it? How does the strong performance of Reanimator fit into the picture? And will Marc’s “Dack Loam” deck finally bring balance to the format? Tune in and find out!

Bonus Content: Mattias’ Battle of Wits Legacy Deck that he used to tear apart the MODO meta lately.

Download the mp3 version: State of Legacy — Episode 3.mp3 (88,21 MB; 1:36h)

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