State of Legacy Episode 4: GP NJ, Top 5 decks, Sideboarding, D&T & more!

What are the top5 decks in Legacy? In today’s episode of State of Legacy, Mattias, Marc and Julian give you their individual views of the currently best-positioned deck in the metagame. Do you agree with their picks?

Other topics:
– UR Delver feat. 4 Treasure Cruise + 4 Monastery Swiftspear takes down SCG New Jersey.
– The Elf Effect: 16 Gaea’s Cradle in the Top4 of GP Indianapolis
– Slowplay and what you can/should do about it
– How to build a proper sideboard that addresses your strategical weaknesses?
– Death & Taxes Q&A with Marc

Download the mp3 version: State of Legacy — Episode 04.mp3 (90,16 MB; 1:38h)

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