State of Legacy Episode 5: Ovinogeddon, SCG Indy, SCG NJ, Khans Delve and more!

Marc has been absent this week, leaving Mattias and Julian to discuss this week’s Legacy events on their own. Being the good guy he is, he still left behind his recent tech in adressing the most dangerous Plainswalkers in all of Legacy — including the dreaded Zodiac Rooster!

  • Julian’s review of Ovinogeddon in Milan, Italy (476 people)
  • Statistical review of SCG New Jersey, SCG Indianapolis and Ovinogeddon
  • Treasure Cruise and Dig Through Time — here to stay?
  • Mattias and the next logical step: Legacy Jeskai Ascendancy
  • Because we never grow tired of it — Slowplay at Ovinogeddon

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