Strategy is Undervalued: An Interview with Julian Knab

Many players, Julian argues, are too focused on tactical gains to pay any attention to overall strategy. Instead, they rely on rehearsed lines of play and short-term gains. For Knab, this mentality makes little sense: “In chess, you don’t see a player trade a bishop for a pawn just because he can. Yet in Magic, this is actually very common. Strategic, long-term advantage is chronically undervalued.”

Last weekend German journalist Chris Cochanski grabbed me for an interview at MKM Prague. Among other things we especially focussed on one of the more neglected concepts among less dedicated players: the crucial role of strategy in Magic: the Gathering.

Check it out: Strategy is Undervalued: An Interview with Julian Knab

Let me know what you think. When I talk to people about how to play the game, the conversation often involves explaining the differences between tactics and strategy. Many people wrongly use those concepts interchangably with really understanding the important differences. Maybe an article about what tactics and strategy are should be in order?

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  • December 2, 2016 at 5:18 pm

    That was an excellent read! Thanks for sharing, Julian!

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