The Juza Curse

In today’s Legacy Daily Event, Julian faces Martin “Demonic_Penguin” Juza. The Czech, who over the years has built a reasonable reputation for putting a long-lasting curse on people’s souls, first tries to lull us with his slow and hesitating movements before eventually reaching his final form for the last game. Pouncing like a jaguar and stinging like a bee he attacks Julian on all ends, trying to punch cracks into the Elven fortress. Will our hero prevail — or become just another victim of the Juza Curse?

Legacy Daily Event:

R1: Elves vs Esperblade #8
R2: Elves vs 4c Delver #4
R3: Elves vs Junk #1

Bonus: Don’t forget about the Special Streamer Draft on Thursday, 2nd April at 8pm (GMT+2) to see Julian go up against the likes of Paul Cheon (), Kenji Egashira () and others!

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