The Land Beyond the 8-Drop

Legacy & Momir Basic totally sounds like a winning move. Watch Julian jump right into one of Magic Online’s most fascinating, funniest but also frustrating formats. Oh, and there’s Momir Basic, too! 😉


Daily Event 2nd February 2015:
R1: Elves vs UR Landstill #1
R2: Elves vs Grixis Delver #3
R3: Elves vs Jund #2
R4: Elves vs Miracles #11

Momir Basic:

Momir Basic #3 on 2nd February 2015
Momir Basic #4 on 2nd February 2015
Momir Basic #5 on 2nd February 2015

That’s it for now! I’ll likely be streaming again on Wednesday or Thursday night (8pm CET, GMT+1), so make sure to check for more Legacy action!

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